Our Achievements

Seiko has launched many epoch-making products in the world. Seiko's cutting-edge innovation has made possible a continuous stream of world's first watches.

1969 Seiko Astron, world's first quartz watch
World's first LCD quartz watch with six-digit digital display
World's first muli function digital watch
World's first TV watch
World's first watch with sound-recording functions
  World's first analog quartz watch with chronograph
World's first watch with computer functions
world's first automatic power generating (A.G.S) quartz watch, later known as 'Kinetic'.
world's first intelligent analog quartz watch controlled by CPU-IC
world's first computerised diver's watch "Scubamaster"
  Perpetual calendar with the world's first "millennium-plus-calendar"
Perpetual calendar watch driven by world's first ultrasonic micromotor
  Seiko Thermic, world's first watch driven by body heat
world's first "Spring Drive" watch
world's first 3-band radio wave controlled watch
world's first watch with electrophoresis display module "Spectrum"
world's first Spring Drive Chronograph to measure elapsed time in glide motion.
world's first watch ever designed specifically for a spacewalk (Spring Drive Spacewalk).
world’s first EPD watch with an active matrix system.
the world's first GPS solar watch “Seiko Astron.” It recognizes all the 39 time zones on earth.