GPS Solar

Redefining the standard of watch accuracy

For centuries, the goal of watchmaker has been to offer ever higher standards of precision and convenience, but only rarely does a real advance in these areas take
place.Thanks to Seiko’s relentless drive for innovation, new possibilities in watch technology continue to open up as the new Seiko Astron, the world’s first GPS solar
watch, so dramatically demonstrates. With Seiko’s GPS Solar watch, new standards of precision, ease of use and global convenience have been set. Seiko’s GPS Solar
watchis the most significant advance in watchmaking in a generation.



Adjusts to your time zone

Unlike radio control watches, which work only in a small part of the world‘s land mass, GPS solar watch identifies the recognized time zones on earth. Whether you are on a mountain top, in the middle of the ocean, or even in the center of a desert, the watch displays the exact local time.

※For the time zone information of your caliber, please refer to here. If there are changes in the region/time zone, manual time zone selection may be required.








 GPS SolarAutomatic time adjustment
Whenever the dial is exposed to bright light, the watch automatically receives GPS signals. When the watch is concealed    under a sleeve and the dial cannot receive enough light, the watch stores the time of the previous successful manual time  adjustment or time zone adjustment, and automatically starts time adjustment at the same time.




High reception performance of an exclusive Seiko ring antennaGPS Solar

An exclusive Seiko ring antenna placed under the dial ring is suitable for automatic reception as it can easily receive signals regardless of posture. 





 GPS SolarIn-flight mode

 In order to avoid any interference with the operation of electronic devices in an airplane, in-flight mode is available when    boarding a plane. In the in-flight mode, the GPS signal reception function will not work.







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